THIS festival, Goldsmiths, 2017 [4 hrs]

speak. speak again. is a durational piece where artists Thuthuka Sibisi and Franciska Ery use materials and each other to create scores of meaning. Inspired by John Cage's Silence, over 4 hours the two performers seek meaning by creating soundscapes. The audience is free to roam in the space, enter and leave as they please. The piece also features a sound booth where voices and languages can be exchanged. 

Goldsmiths, 2016 [5 mins]

Home, taped is a short exploration of surtitling live performance and treating intimate meaning with distance and alienation. It features the voice of my mother and my two brothers and the surrounding sounds of my home. These sounds of the domestic are paired with the meticulous taping of the lines and borders of my room in Hungary. It is an effort to recreate an absent space and to capture the feeling of being home.

Peopling the Palace(s), 2016 [5 mins]

An exploration of dying through becoming an Other. Franciska becomes Francesca. I I I will dI I I looks at mortality and the action of transformation, indulging in climactic endings and satisfying closures.