' Director Franciska Ery showed her flare and expertise throughout the whole piece, so many moments were beautiful and delicate whilst others were grungy and comedic. This could have easily been a miss, however her direction showed no bounds and won the audience over within the first 10 minutes.'

Number 9 on The Marriage of Kim K

'The staging is certainly unique...masterful.....it works, it shouldn't, but it does' 
North West End on The Marriage of Kim K 

'captivating... refreshing, and unexpected[...] screamed like Kim’s Instagram for your attention, and it succeeded'

aAH! on The Marriage of Kim K 

'It’s fun, fabulous, barmy, and relatable. An ordinary narrative delivered with extraordinary operatic passion.'

The Review's Hub on The Marriage of Kim K

'Director, Franciska Ery has melded her team into a well-drilled (and apparently happy) unit'

Quays Life on The Marriage of Kim K

photo credits to Ludovic des Cognets